Go Compare the funeral? How useful are funeral comparison sites?

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images Around the country many urns of loved ones lie uncollected at funeral directors. Why do people leave them? They weigh about six pounds. They can be stored in an inch plastic jar. Or perhaps an old pot. They are the ashes of a human being. Cremation has steadily come to dominate funeral rites in many countries. But in the UK and elsewhere many urns – full of ashes – are going uncollected. A funeral directors in Southampton has appealed to families saying sets of ashes have been left unclaimed.

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The body of Dawn Sturgess arrives at Salisbury Crematorium ahead of her funeral this afternoon Image: Safety measures were put in place to protect mourners as the mother-of-three was laid to rest Before the funeral, Reverend Philip Bromiley, who was leading the service, said the funeral directors had been working with Public Health England PHE and the crematorium to put measures in place to make sure everything was as safe as possible.

But suggestions before hand that there were be no pallbearers, proved incorrect as the year-old’s body arrived in the back of a black hearse with flowers spelling out the word ‘Mum’ this afternoon. Ms Sturgess’ partner Charlie Rowley, who was also taken ill when the pair were exposed to the deadly nerve agent , also attended the service which began with the James Blunt song ‘Beautiful Dawn’.

The year-old was killed by Novichok , which was the poison used in the attempted assassination of Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

The cremated remains of people have been left uncollected at a Southampton funeral director. B Matthews said some of the ashes had been in its care for more than 30 years – the oldest dating.

National Cremation Society Services and Locations Body Preparation Costs The cost of preparing a loved one’s body after death depends on the choices you make about the type of burial. The cost of cremation may be lower than traditional burial if the cremains will be kept in a loved one’s home instead of a mausoleum or columbarium. However, there are still several costs associated with this burial option.

If you opt for a traditional burial, your casket and funeral service choices will dictate how expensive the process will be. Mason suggests “at some funeral homes the cost of the funeral merchandise, such as the casket,” is the most costly item of all funeral expenses. Funeral Home Costs One of the most expensive parts of a funeral according to Mr. Mason is the fees for “services of the funeral home and facilities” or the Basic service fee as it is called by the FTC.

Event planning services Securing permits and death certificates Preparing death notices for newspapers Body pickup fee Body storage fee Additional funeral home services are optional and include: Mason shares that unexpected costs for most people include things like “hall and custodial fees, church fees, and catering fees. Prices for rental of these venues varies depending on your location and individual business, but you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the venue plus the cost of food and drink.

If these items are already paid for, you’ll still need to consider the following burial costs. Mason suggests funerals seem costly because they “are something no one wants to purchase” and when you aren’t prepared to “deal with end of life expenses But, to put the cost of a funeral in perspective, Mr. Mason shares that in comparison the average funeral costs significantly less than a wedding, a home, a new car, and many other items people purchase throughout life.

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FUNERALS When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends often are confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral-all of which must be made quickly and often under great emotional duress. What kind of funeral should it be? What funeral provider should you use? Should you bury or cremate the body, or donate it to science? What are you legally required to buy? What other arrangements should you plan?

Licensed Funeral Directors The statewide Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association (PFDA) fully supports the state licensing law and facilities inspections requirements. In order to be in full compliance with funeral laws established by the Commonwealth, the funeral home, the funeral director and the funeral supervisor must all have valid.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Coventry is one of the most expensive places in the country to die – a new study has found. London, Redhill, Guildford and Liverpool round out the top five, with Coventry coming in in 13th place.

The study, carried out by funeral comparison website Beyond claims that high prices come as a result of price hikes imposed by big funeral director chains, despite independent funeral directors reducing fees in the last year. They calculated their findings by looking at the average cost of a funeral director’s services, plus the average price of cremations and burials. A display of coffins at a funeral parlour in Foleshill Road The calculations An average funeral was calculated as funeral director’s fees, plus a basic wood veneer coffin, urn, flowers, minister, hearse and one limousine.

And the results are shocking – as they show a 33 percent rise in just two years. James Dunn, co-founder of Beyond said: A Co-op Funeralcare Spokesperson said: Nuneaton didn’t rank in Beyond’s top 50 most expensive places to die. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting a bargain. Previously, CoventryLive has reported that Nuneaton is the joint most expensive place in the UK to be cremated.

Prepaid funerals ease financial burden, says firm

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Go Compare the funeral? How useful are funeral comparison sites? October 3, , 3: A lack of transparency and regulation means that there can be huge differences in price for essentially the same funeral. In the last few years funeral price comparison sites have sprung up which should make it easier for people to make informed choices. Before we even get to funeral price comparison sites, a quick word on sites that look like they provide neutral information but are in fact trying to sell funeral plans.

Unhallowed ground: Abandoned cemetery continues to deteriorate

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But funeral directors often care a lot about what they wear, and rightfully so. Funeral director fashion means looking professional for the families you serve, while .

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A serious undertaking: Rachael, 15, is on her way to being Britain’s youngest funeral director

All of these gentlemen had the vision during the early days of Funeral Directors Life to make significant professional and personal sacrifices toward achieving the ultimate mission of our company, To Be the Best, Most-Respected Provider of Service to the Funeral Industry. Some choose to honor the memories of others with their monetary contributions. Application Form Learn More For the past several years, Funeral Directors Life has awarded Memorial Scholarships to assist mortuary students with the expenses of attending school.

The amount of this very generous scholarship will be determined each year based on criteria outlined in the application. Deadlines for applications are June 1st and January 1st. Recipients will be notified by mail on a timely basis.

The property is still in their name and has racked up $27, in unpaid real estate taxes dating to , records show. He shares the information with other funeral directors to assist their.

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Home News Local Unhallowed ground: Abandoned cemetery continues to deteriorate Unhallowed ground: Instead, their final resting place has turned into an all-consuming source of stress for Kumor.

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Picture shows the Karlskirche church in Vienna, October 17, It dates from an influx of wealth in the 19th century, when the Austro-Hungarian empire was at its height and people paid heavily to make sure they would be remembered. Many saved money while alive to ensure the send off was as grand as possible, a last chance to take the limelight. Although steeped in tradition, the company is moving with the times.

It has launched a cremation urn shaped like a soccer ball to sit alongside its more conventional offerings in time for the Euro championship being co-hosted by Austria and Switzerland in June. He died at The love of funeral ceremony goes back at least to the s.

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Current: State Board of Funeral & Cemetery Service Funeral Director Funeral Director Courtesy Card Funeral Home and Funeral Branch Funeral Home Inspection Checklist Cemetery Crematory Continuing Education Course Sponsor Certificate of Authority Additional Applications and Forms Funeral Home Notification of Employees.

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These materials are written in English. Texas State Archives Sponsor: Agency History The Funeral Service Commission issues licenses for embalmers, funeral directors, and funeral establishments; inspects funeral establishments; reviews complaints; and holds disciplinary hearings. Through the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act consumers can file action in court for damages from funeral providers.

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Roman funerals and burial In ancient Rome , the eldest surviving male of the household, the pater familias, was summoned to the death-bed, where he attempted to catch and inhale the last breath of the decedent. Funerals of the socially prominent usually were undertaken by professional undertakers called libitinarii. No direct description has been passed down of Roman funeral rites. These rites usually included a public procession to the tomb or pyre where the body was to be cremated.

The surviving relations bore masks bearing the images of the family’s deceased ancestors. The right to carry the masks in public eventually was restricted to families prominent enough to have held curule magistracies. Mimes, dancers, and musicians hired by the undertakers, and professional female mourners, took part in these processions.

Less well-to-do Romans could join benevolent funerary societies collegia funeraticia that undertook these rites on their behalf. Nine days after the disposal of the body, by burial or cremation, a feast was given cena novendialis and a libation poured over the grave or the ashes. Since most Romans were cremated, the ashes typically were collected in an urn and placed in a niche in a collective tomb called a columbarium literally, “dovecote”. During this nine-day period, the house was considered to be tainted, funesta, and was hung with Taxus baccata or Mediterranean Cypress branches to warn passersby.

At the end of the period, the house was swept out to symbolically purge it of the taint of death.

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