How do you hook up tachometer to adjust idle speed

I bought an inductive timing light to time the ignition on several motorcycles including my KZ The light was used and came with no directions. I looked for instructions online and still had questions. An inductive timing light is pretty easy to use when you know how. The other clamp goes on your ignition wire, and here is where I ran into problems. The clamp goes around the wire like so: Once I clamped it correctly then it worked. The clamp is connected to the 4 cylinder wire. Cylinders 1 and 4 work off the same coil and fire simultaneously. Normally, if you have cylinders 1 and 4 timed properly, then 2 and 3 will be properly timed too.

Timing Light recommendations?

I’ve had to remove 1 plug on many engines over the years and bring the piston up TDC – I’ve used a stick of plastic or wood and let it rest on the piston and turn the engine by hand to find TDC – can get very close, even closer if you have room to set up a dial indicator. Then you make a reference mark of your own on a balancer or pulley and the block, then use a timing light to get accurate setting – luckily I’ve had a Snap-On light with adjustable advance capabilties for years – this is great to check your mechanical as well as vacuum advances too.

Yes, dwell must be set before adjusting timing too – if you don’t have access to a dwell meter, just be sure you get the closest setting with a feeler gauge that you can. Also the biggest mistake people making when servicing points is not lubing the rubbing block which will wear down very quickly, thus changing dwell which in turn changes the timing.

Don’t use axle grease either – NAPA has great point lube with moly that won’t sling off and get on the contacts.

Dec 10,  · One is for ground, one is for key-on ignition/12 volt supply, one is for signal input in (the wire that comes off the HEI distributor), and one is for a light that is connected to the dash light harness – so that the light comes on when you turn on the lights, to light up .

Pull 1 sparkplug, put your finger in the sparkplug hole, crank the engine until you feel compression. Then line up the TDC mark on the balancer with the pointer on the engine block. The distributor starts out with the 1 plug wire lined up at about Align the rotor to about Align the distributor rotor up with the 1 position marked on the cap, slide the distributor down into the block, you may have to wiggle the rotor slightly to get the gear to engage and then note where the rotor is pointing.

If it still lines up with 1 position on the cap, install the clamp and bolt. If not, pull it out and turn 1 tooth forwards or backwards and try again.

MG TD TF 1500 Using an Ajustable Timing Light BBS discussion at

Your timing must be at the correct setting for your car to perform at top level, affecting the speed and efficiency at which the engine fires. You can adjust your car’s timing with a timing light and a set of wrenches, tools available at any auto parts store. Steps Understanding Ignition Timing 1 Learn if your car needs to be adjusted or not. Modern cars that are controlled by electronic ignitions don’t need to have their timing adjusted, but old-style 4-stroke engines require that the timing be adjusted periodically to optimize the efficiency of the engine, making sure that the spark fires at the appropriate moment in the ignition cycle.

Jan 13,  · In fact, if you’ll hook up a timing light and watch the advance on the balancer, you’ll easily see how smoothe and reactive it is. It doesn’t move any quicker than when it’s hooked up to ported vacuum and it goes from dead zero to 12 to 15 inches as the throttle plate quickly sweeps past the apperture in the barrel that the spark port is hooked.

Whether man or woman, it is always good to read the instructions first, no matter what you are doing. You can use the picture here as an example, but hook up your timing light as instructed by your manual. Most all timing lights have three clips on them and these instructions will discuss those types. How to Use a Timing Light Make sure the auto engine is off and the key is removed from the ignition. For the next steps, make sure the battery terminals are clean enough to allow for a good connection.

If not, then clean as required being cautious not to allow any contact on your skin because this is battery acid. If it does come in contact, then just wash with soap and water. Clamp the red clip to the positive terminal of your car battery. Clamp the black clip to the negative terminal of your car battery. The largest clip the one with the thickest insulation goes on your 1 spark plug wire by attaching the clip around the wire that leads to your 1 spark plug.

Next, you will want to rotate the lower crankshaft pulley so that it has the timing marks called out on the crankshaft pulley. Be aware that on some cars the timing marks are located somewhere else and you should consult either your owner’s manual another instruction manual , or automobile dealer.


Monday, September 4, Singer W – un-sticking the hook shaft and hook timing. I was fiddling with my fairly new-to-me green W and it seemed to be running fine, but then all of a sudden it tightened up to the point that the motor would no longer operate the machine. I wondered if a piece of thread had bunged up the works but on inspection I didn’t find anything.

I ascertained that the lower main shaft Singer terminology: At least, I hoped that was the problem because it was a major endeavor to pull the gearbox. To get the gearbox off, several other items needed to be pulled off first, as can be seen above.

this is a used suntune inductive timing light sun electric corporation model cp has signs of being used normal wear and tear for the age pitting scratches and missing the spring on the.

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Yes, timing lights measure both timing and RPM – mine does. And, it has a 2 and 4 cycle setting for the reasons mentioned in the discussions. I knew that the wasted spark design would not affect the timing function. But I expected it to read twice the real rpm when on the 4 cycle setting because of the wasted spark design and the fact that it uses an inductive pick up on a spark plug. Thanks for confirming that for me.

You hook up the timing light and you check the timing with the vacuum advance disconnected. You should have about degrees of advance at rpm. At rpm you should have about degrees of advance.

These are some of the tools you’ll need to do basic and not-so-basic engine diagnosis to find out what’s going on when things are not working right. These are the tools that every professional shop has, and when you bring your car into the shop, they run through various tests with these to figure out what’s wrong. If you have them and learn how to use them you don’t need to pay the shop to do this work, and if you want to do “custom” work on your ride, then you better get used to figuring out stuff on your own.

Most shops won’t touch non-factory vehicles with a ten foot pole. All of the things listed below are in my toolbox and get regular use. To steal a phrase from the Visa commercials – What’s in your toolbox? Basic Diagnosis Tools These are the items that any home mechanic worth anything should have. I’ve listed them in rough order of importance – start at the top and buy down towards the bottom if starting your toolbox from nothing.

EFI Trouble Code Reader Old-skool carb guys can skip this, but if you have EFI on your ride like so many folks do today, then you have to have a way to get the trouble codes out and see what the computer may or may not be upset about. Basic units for older EFI setups are dirt cheap – some GM systems can even display the codes with something as simple as a paper clip jumpering the right terminals on the ALDL connector. Most of the basic ones just cause the “check engine” light to flash some codes at you, which you then look up in a book to find out that code 33 means “high voltage at MAP sensor” or whatever yours happens to be.

More advanced units will display the codes right on the little screen on the code reader, some really high end units will display the problem in words instead of just giving you the code. Find one that fits your needs, and stash it in the toolbox. This is especially critical if you have points and need to adjust the dwell.

Old two cable timing light

Unfortunately, it was misplaced in some of the server outages at the NCCC site, where it was housed. I finally remembered to check the Internet Wayback Machine for the page, and here it is! Unfortunately, a few of the pictures did not get saved in the archive. I will try to see if I can find them on my computer But below, we have the text and most of the pics from it.

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Oct 09,  · My timing light is a digital advance model, meaning if I dial in the desired spark advance, then I can line the flywheel mark up with the TDC mark on the engine and have the proper advance. But that feature on the timing light must also take into account the engine RPM.

It accepts the large drive mechanism but does not have a provision for the crank sensor. This evolutionary ignition component was a bridge between traditional distributors and the DIS-type, coil-on-plug systems that we know and love today. Unfortunately, LT1 owners have had long-term reliability problems with the Opti-Spark, and even though it has been around for 11 years now, many enthusiasts are still in the dark when it comes to identifying, troubleshooting, or upgrading them.

The first half of this story is a similar version of the one Ray wrote in ; the last half focuses on model identification, trouble signs, and new technology that will allow Optis to last longer and perform better. To be worthy of the famous LT1 designation the latest rendition of this engine needed to exceed the pre-emissions version’s power generation while meeting today’s demanding standards to be considered world-class. Specific mass, size, fuel consumption, emissions, start-ability and torque-band-width all needed to be improved over the L98 engine that it replaced–all while surpassing previous reliability levels.

Early on in the LT1’s development the design team recognized the inherent deficiencies of the then-current L98 and the pitfalls it would cause in arriving at their goals. To this cause the LT1 employed advanced theories such as reverse-flow engine cooling and a gear-driven water pump. The Opti-Spark first appeared on the Corvette and then progressed to the fourth-generation F-body in The same ignition is also found in the full-size B-body cars when they switched to LT1 power for the model year.

How to install a distributor

This is an important step when breaking in a new flat tappet cam, because you want the engine to fire up immediately, so as to not wipe off all the cam lube that was applied Not using cam lube and having to crank the engine excessively to get it to start up the first time can cause the cam to fail within the first few minutes of running. Correctly installing the distributor and setting the timing to allow a quick start up is the aim of this article.

Sep 15,  · warden,i know that both snap-on and mac offer a digital timing light and pulse adaptor set-up,i belive the hook ups work the same,could ask the .

DIY Auto Got a collector car with ignition points? Here’s how to replace the points and set the timing. By Mike Allen Dec 18, “It’s not a heap, dad. Nothing like a high-compression V8 combined with a battery that hasn’t seen a charge for a month and a half to make for slow cranking. Add in the indifferent, low-energy spark and incorrect ignition timing caused by worn-out points, and you’ve got an engine that won’t fire–oh, and wet spark plugs too.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Modern engines use computer-controlled factory-preset self-adjusting ignition systems that never change their timing, have no moving parts and never need maintenance. A generation ago, every teenager, every mechanic and a lot of vehicle owners understood the theory and practice of changing points and setting the timing. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of older vehicles, outdoor power equipment, boats and tractors that need periodic adjustment or replacement.

The distributor on these older vehicles performs two related tasks. In the coil, essentially a transformer, it’s stepped up to 10, to 20, volts. There’s a lobed cam on the distributor shaft that pushes on a small rubbing block on the movable side of the points. As the cam and distributor rotate, the points open and close constantly.

Actron Timing Light

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